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Press? French Press? Travel Press!

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Coffee lovers around the world agree that the method of brewing coffee that produces the most consistently high-caliber brew is the French Press. Although the so-called “plunger method” was being developed elsewhere in the mid 1800’s, it became so popular in France that most people refer to the technique as the French Press.

The press method has many attributes: it allows the user to control the flavor profile and fully appreciate the intricacies of each particular roast by controlling the brew time, water temperature and grind, assuring that each cup is perfect.

These attributes are easily attained anywhere hot water is available.No flavor robbing paper filters to run out of, no finicky espresso machines, and no percolator that uses the wrong water temperature… just a fresh cup of coffee, simple, convenient and consistently superb.

Using a press allows for more subtle layers of flavor that are missed in other brewing methods.In fact, a coffee that is bland in a drip maker will reach its full flavor profile in one of our presses.

Our friends at Planetary Design have improved on both the form and function of this esteemed brewing method.By redesigning the plunger mechanism that produces a cleaner cup, utilizing double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel for heat retention and durability and by making products that are dishwasher safe, this time-tested brewing system has been brought into the 21st century.

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